What is in Our Dirty Carpets?

What is in Our Dirty Carpets?

Walking into a workplace and facing an unclean, worn-out carpet covered with stains is unsettling. This is not only aesthetically unpleasant but may also jeopardize the health and well-being of those who visit.

So, let’s look at what may be hiding in your workplace carpeting.

Dirt and debris

Every day, individuals come and leave the building, bringing dirt, gravel, and other waste with them. This will get embedded in the carpet’s tiny fibers and collect over time. This causes discolored spots in high-traffic areas and causes the carpet to wear out more quickly. Dirt is incredibly abrasive and rapidly wears down carpet fibers, particularly when people walk over it all day.

Bacteria and viruses

Many different bacteria may dwell in filthy carpets; most are harmless, but a few can cause serious issues. For example, Norovirus (which causes stomach flu) may survive on dirty carpets for up to a month!


Flower and plant pollen is often discovered in carpets, particularly during the summer and fall. When most people arrive at work, people will bring a lot of pollen when they come in and out of work, mainly because pollen counts are greatest between 5 am and 10 am. It will also infiltrate via doors and windows and settle into the carpet.

Mould and spores

Mold may develop on your carpet! All mould need is a place to live, some oxygen and humidity, and a food supply. All of these items may be found in filthy carpets. You may have a mold issue if you detect mildew or wet odors emanating from your carpet. If you’ve had a mysterious mildew smell and haven’t found the cause, it could be time for a carpet cleaning!

Dust mites

Dust mites live in your home and office, but you can’t see them without a microscope. They feed on the millions of dead-skill cells that people lose every day. The mite is innocuous, but its excrement irritates people and may cause allergies and other issues.

Food and drink spills

Food and drink are often dumped around staff kitchens or by workers having lunch at their workstations. Because only some people in the workplace are fantastic at cleaning up after themselves, you will surely see a coffee stain or some leftover food on the carpet.

All of these items might be producing health issues in your job. These may include:

Skin problems

The different allergens found in filthy carpets might cause skin discomfort. Itching, swelling, or red spots may occur.


These allergens may trigger different forms of allergy flare-ups and skin responses. They may cause hay fever, sinus difficulties, watery eyes, sneezing, and overall fatigue.

Respiratory illness

Asthma is one of the most significant health consequences of filthy carpets. All the allergens and germs in the carpet become airborne and are inhaled into the lungs. This may trigger asthma episodes or flu-like symptoms and induce or worsen coughing.

Weakened immune system

Mycotoxins are microscopic poisons generated by fungus. Chronic exposure to mycotoxins lowers your general immune system if you have a fungal issue in your carpet.

Who knew a soiled carpet could be so dangerous?! You may do the following things. Maintain your carpet healthy and limit the danger of health complications:

Replace the old, worn-out carpet.

It is simple to determine when the carpet needs to be replaced. It will be discolored, threadbare, maybe stinky, and overall looking sorry for itself. The carpet lasts a long time. Therefore it might have been collecting dirt and dust for decades! When it’s time to replace it, choose a carpet made of natural fibers such as cotton or hemp. While synthetic carpets are more luxurious, they also gather and retain more allergens.

Use a HEPA filter vacuum.

HEPA filters are your best chance to keep dust, filth, mites, and other allergens out of your carpet. They are engineered to take up the smallest particles that ordinary vacuums may miss, resulting in fewer allergens in carpets or circulating in the air.

Hire a professional

Dirty and unclean carpets may hurt the health of your employees. Crewcare provides carpet cleaning services to help you enhance your office environment. Our commercial carpet cleaning may be performed as a one-time service or as part of an ongoing contract to keep your carpets in good condition over time. To discover more, kindly get in touch with us right away.

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