Things to Think About When Planning An Office Cleaning From A Cleaner Point of View

Things to Think About When Planning An Office Cleaning From A Cleaner Point of View

We understand that while you’re running a business, office cleaning may be the last thing on your mind. While deadlines must be met and new projects are constantly being added, dust builds on desks and crumbs begin to accumulate on the floor.

An unclean office creates an unhealthy environment. Employees become less productive, and your company’s image suffers. Not to mention the health and safety concerns. Creating a cleaning routine is the most effective strategy to combat office filth.

If you opt to clean the office yourself, create a schedule that works for you. But, practically, you might not even have the time. A cleaning schedule may appear intimidating, but it is all about managing your demands and setting a plan.

There’s a lot to think about, so here are some pointers from a cleaner’s standpoint when preparing an office cleaning.

What Kind of Cleaning Services Do You Require?

Because every business is unique, so are its cleaning requirements. You need to determine what kind of cleaning services you require and how frequently. Janitorial services, for example, are frequently performed at night, whereas carpet cleaning occurs on occasion.

Here are a few examples of common office cleaning services:

  • Cleaning services. This service involves the cleaning of floors, windows, workstations, kitchens, and bathrooms, among other things. Basic property maintenance, such as light bulb replacement or plumbing work, is also included.
  • Carpet cleaning. It may appear to be a chore, but we recommend cleaning the carpets twice a year. Ascertain that your cleaning service provider employs a non-toxic cleaning product and a low moisture system. This will improve your carpet within two hours.
  • Cleaning the floor. It’s about more than just sweeping and mopping. Proper floor maintenance improves your company’s image while avoiding costly flooring replacements. Floor maintenance companies clean up debris and restore and preserve your flooring from further damage.
  • Recycling. Commercial recycling services make being green simple for your company. Recycling is an excellent strategy to minimize your trash expense while also helping the environment. As an extra plus, your cleaning service provider can assist you in complying with local regulations.
  • Upkeep of the property. You can outsource grounds care, electrical work, plumbing, and other services so that you can concentrate on your business.

Considerations for a Cleaning Schedule

Here are some things to think about when setting up an office cleaning routine.

Size of the company

How big is your business? Cleaning services are required by all businesses, large or small. Their requirements and schedules, however, will be determined by their size.

Typical results

It is critical to understand not just the amount of cleaning required, but also the sort of output that requires cleaning.

Is your company producing a lot of paper? Or is it food waste? When booking your cleaning service, take your time and consider the outcome.

Seasonal or quarterly occasions

Your office may host periodic events, which may influence the cleaning services required. Meetings, parties, workshops, networking events, and other activities are examples of such gatherings. Any event that attracts a larger crowd than usual necessitates additional cleaning.

Are your events infrequent and one-time? Or are these recurring occurrences? Adjust your cleaning schedule and notify your cleaning service provider ahead of time.

Safety and long-term viability

Every cleaning product is unique. The product is made up of many components and compounds. This is why we recommend non-toxic cleaning chemicals. Harsh chemicals have the potential to harm you, your employees, and the environment.

You should also ensure that your cleaners use safe, healthy products that are free of allergies.

What areas require cleaning?

You may be surprised at how much room you have that needs to be cleaned. Cleaning desks and bringing out the trash are only two aspects of office cleaning. In fact, the following are the most typical places that require regular cleaning:

  • Offices for individuals.
  • Workstations for employees
  • Bathrooms.
  • Kitchens.
  • Lunchrooms.
  • Breakrooms.
  • Reception.
  • Areas where customers or clients interact
  • Meeting rooms.

How frequently do you schedule?

As you can see, there are a few variables to consider when it comes to office cleaning. Consider your personal conditions to help you develop a cleaning plan that is appropriate for your business.


The most typical cleaning schedule frequencies are: 

  • nightly.
  • Weekly.
  • Biweekly.
  • Monthly.
  • One-time.

If you manage a large office building, you might benefit from a nightly cleaning service. Work with your cleaning service provider to develop a timetable that meets your demands.

When Should Office Cleaning Be Scheduled?

Cleaning businesses do not typically work during business hours. The sound of vacuums is the last thing you need to distract you from your task. This is why cleaning services operate on a flexible schedule.

It all comes down to what is more convenient for you and your company.

JM Nashville Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning the office is not the same as cleaning the house. Your office has more spaces that need cleaning, and you need a firm that works flexible hours, not to mention the amount of time it takes to clean.

A tidy working area is not only good for your and your employee’s safety and wellness. It also maintains your place looking tidy, attractive, and professional. If you own a business where customers or clients come in and out, you want them to have a positive image of your facilities.

We can provide office cleaning services at JM Nashville Commercial Cleaning so you can focus on what you need to do. Let us handle the cleaning while you concentrate on what you do best.

We want you and everyone who comes into contact with your institution to feel safe and healthy. Allow us to demonstrate how it’s done and receive a free quote today!

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