02.2 - ideas for a great workspace

Ten Tips for a Fantastic Workplace

People spend a lot of time at work, therefore it’s important to have a relaxing environment there every day. You can adjust a lot of operational, cultural, and physical aspects of the workplace to make it better.

Utilize the Daylight

The performance of employees is impaired by excessive fluorescent exposure or inadequate lighting. As a result of staring at computer screens all day in poor lighting, many people develop headaches, migraines, and eye problems. This causes discomfort, which reduces performance, and may also make it challenging for them to fall asleep, which increases their level of exhaustion.

It has been demonstrated that exposure to natural light improves people’s energy levels and sleep quality while they are at work. If you use adequate natural light and arrange your workspace around windows, your employees will work in better conditions and be more productive.

Be An Effective Communicator

Communication between management and staff is essential. It needs to be constant (though not obtrusive), kind, and open. Employees will feel involved and valued if they are given the opportunity to comment on or make comments about what is happening within the company.

Limitations on Meetings

Anyone who works in an office is familiar with the potential length of meetings. Some surveys indicate that the typical professional attends about 60 meetings each month, not all of which are necessary. Employees commonly complain about the amount of time wasted in pointless meetings. Encourage employees to communicate via phone calls or email, or designate certain open workspaces where they can gather for quick face-to-face meetings.

Leverage People’s Skills

Don’t be hesitant to incorporate some of your own personality into your office, even while it must be functional and appropriate for its intended usage. Your distinctive brand and taste will be highlighted by stylish furnishings and décor. You want the environment in which your employees work to motivate and inspire them.

Flexible Workspaces

People work in various ways and have various workplace requirements. Your staff will have options depending on the type of job they must complete if you provide them a choice between open workstations and more private, quiet locations.

The availability of standing desks is also great because some workers will choose to stand while working (or must do so for health reasons). Employees have more freedom away from their desks when the entire company has Wi-Fi connectivity.

Encouraging Work-Life Balance

It is easy to become a little bit too immersed in work, especially when a significant project or deadline is coming. When things are busy, people frequently work through the evening or on the weekends, skip lunch, or work from home. Being aware of this is essential because it may lead to stress and employee burnout. Make sure to promote self-care among everyone and, if necessary, offer overtime or days-in-lieu.

Create Community

Because we spend so much time with our coworkers at work, it’s important to foster a sense of community among the workforce. It’s great to gather everyone once in a while and carry out an uncommon activity for team building or group activities. Even something as simple as a Friday drink or a weekly team drink might have a big impact on office culture.

Honor, Achievements, and Labor

It’s excellent to get acknowledged when you do a lot of work or put a lot of effort into a certain project or job. Giving your staff appreciation for a job well done is essential. Sharing the team’s success with the rest of the business is a great way to highlight their accomplishment and boost employee satisfaction.

Be Aware of Your Team

Your staff is heavily involved in the regular operations and procedures of your business as usual. They will be aware of potential improvement opportunities and things that could be improved. If they criticize you or provide suggestions for improvement, they are giving you useful information. Make careful to heed their recommendations.

Maintain Order

It is unpleasant to work in an unclean environment. Every day, your staff need to work in a clean, organized environment. Both their comfort and health are served by this. It is more common for employees to miss work due to illness in unclean workplace environments, which promotes the quick spread of infections.

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